It’s true. After nearly 50 years touring, I’m packing it in. (It’s been over 50 years, if you count singing covers at frat parties with Susan Hounsom in 1965, or playing Dixieland at the Embassy Tavern with pals from the Lady Godiva Memorial Band in ‘66. I was underage, but nobody asked.)

Why retire? I figure Sandy Koufax had it right: I want to leave at the top of my game. Well, almost at the top.

But not without a grand going-away party, and this is it. Saturday October 7 at Hugh’s Room in Toronto* with some of my favourite musicians: Marie-Lynn (of course), Ben Mink, Anne Lederman, Al Soberman and other musical friends too. New songs, old songs, old friends, great musicians, and the best venue in the country. What could be better?

(I understand that tickets are going quickly, so I suggest reserving soon through the Hugh's Room site below.)

Please pass it on.

* I’ll do a west coast farewell as well, but the date isn’t set yet.